VL53L0X satellites on X-Nucleo-53L0A1 board

Good Evening !

I’m currently working with the X-Nucleo-53L0A1 in order to control 3 VL53L0X sensors (1 on the board and 2 satelllites) using an Arduino Uno. To do that, I try to control the both STMPE1600 circuits to pull-up or down the “XSHUT” pins for each sensors, one by one. I have no problem to control the one situated on the board, but big ones with the satellites.

The main problem is a problem of addresses, when I try to give the 3 sensors a new address using XSHUT pins, the new addresses are not effective and the Arduino program can’t detect the 3 devices.

Moreover, the STMPE1600 are also in charge of the 4 digits display, so I have to treat at the same time the
XSHUT pins and the display. These two things are controlled by 2 registers each composed of 2 bytes, whose 14 bits are dedicated to two digits and the 2 others to the XSHUT pins : in one case for the two satellites and in the other case for the central sensor.

At the end, my objective is to display at the same time the values of distance for the 3 sensors in the Arduino window.

Can someone help me ? Any help would be wonderfull ! :slight_smile:

X-Nucleo-53L0A1 : http://www.st.com/content/ccc/resource/technical/document/user_manual/group0/b4/df/b1/37/b3/a9/46/b6/DM00285104/files/DM00285104.pdf/jcr:content/translations/en.DM00285104.pdfMy_Project.ino (3.6 KB)


We are not familiar with how the hardware you are using is configured. You might try to break the problem down to separate troubleshooting steps like, first, verifying the functionality of your I2C multiplexer. Also, you might try the satellite boards separately.

It is possible this thread on our forum which discusses using several of our VL53L0X boards at the same time might be helpful for you to look at.