VL53L0X Long-Range Range Profile

I have the VL53L0X distance sensor, and I am interested in something I read about, the “Long-Range Range Profile”.

I am not all that savvy with interpreting libraries for complex devices such as this. Could someone explain is it is possible to put the sensor into “Long-Range Range Profile” mode and how to do it? I see in the ST User Manual on page 22 that there is a provision for changing the sensing mode:

Can this be done with the Polulu Arduino library? If not how can I do this?



We include code to use the “long range” range profile in the “Single” example sketch of our Arduino library for the sensor.


Thanks. I want to use the sensor with a Due board, and I have a voltage translating shield for the Due to work with 5V peripherals such as the VL53L0X. However, the voltage translating shield only translates voltages on the Wire1 pins, SDA1 and SCL1, located next to the AREF pin. So I need to use “Wire1” I2C bus instead of the default “Wire” I2C bus. Do you know how I can modify the VL53L0X library to use the Wire1 I2C bus?


Our VL53L0X board will work with a VIN between 2.6 and 5.5V. The logic voltage on the SDA and SCL will be equal to VIN. So, if you use 3.3V for VIN, SDA and SCL on the VL53L0X board will work at 3.3V as well.