VL53L0X Library Functions for filtering enviormental noise(water, steam, dust)

Hello, I am using the VL53L0X in an area with dust, water, steam, etc. and I am trying to find a function in the library that allows access to change the VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_RANGE_IGNORE_THRESHOLD, (which is documented in the ST User Manual in Section 6.2 Limit Settings) I think adjusting this setting will help ignore the noise since it is describe as “Signal rate minimum threshold. Measurements with signal rates below this value are ignored. This ensures that false measurements are not made due to reflection from the housing.”

The only functions I am trying now are
setSignalRateLimit(0.1); and

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on any of the settings and values that may help filter the noise and only return values from solid targets.

Thank you,



We do not have any code to adjust those values. You might look at Adafruit’s VL53L0X library, which is a wrapper for the ST API discussed in that ST user manual.