VL53L0X I2C questions


Is there a way I could preconfigure each sensors I2C address seperately, then cut off the power, and after resetting the power: have each sensor still have its preconfigured new address? At the moment, after resetting the power, the i2c scanner in arduino shows that the address has gone back to 0x29, after setting it to like 0x34 or something, (because cutting off the power grounds the XSHUT?).
I am asking this, because I am really hoping to somehow get through without using my very limited GPIOs for XSHUT, and not having to use XSHUT for configuring every address again during every code run on my board.

All the best!

Hi again!
Is there a way without XSHUT pin? Library resetting the address to 0x29 every code run or it is done by hardware?


Unfortunately, the I2C address of those sensors is volatile and will reset to the default value if power is removed from the board.