VL53L0X goes out range after a 15 to 20 minutes of operation

I have two VL53L0X sensors connected and operating utilizing the Pololu libraries found here

The devices are working as expected but after 15 to 20 minutes the sensors (BOTH) time out and return 65535. The problem happens in continuous or single mode. After the sensors get into this state they do not recover.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here is the code we are using for testing on the Arduino Mega.

You can find my code here…


I slightly modified and ran your code (with some lines commented out to run for only a single sensor) on an ATmega32U4 based board here and didn’t have the same issue. How repeatable is this and is there some variability in how much time it runs before it starts timing out? Have you tried each board separately? Also, how are you supplying power?


Hi Nathan,
Thank you for your help. The issue is very repeatable in both modes. I did try with a single board with the same result. However, I am supplying power through a laptop’s USB port. I will hook the Arduino to a power supply and see the results. Thanks,