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VL53L0X driver source code for PIC-micro

Hello, I have found what appears to be a source code translation for the VL53L0X code library to be used on the PIC micro series using the CCS compiler this was written by someone at Pololu and posted on Github. At first I thought it was a great find as I typically use the CCS compiler for all my PIC programming and I have been wanting to use the VL53L0X with a PIC24FXXX. Unfortunately after reviewing the translated code I realized that it would never work, it is poorly translated from the Arduino format to supposedly work on the CCS compiler but it is full of errors. I was wondering if Pololu ever cleaned up such code or a corrected version of such exists?


Could you link to the library that you are referring to? The only library we provide for the VL53L0X is our Arduino library, so I suspect the PIC library you’re talking about was ported from our library by another user. If that is the case, you will probably have to try contacting the author of the PIC library for help getting it to work.


Thank you Kevin for your prompt response, yes, you are correct I just checked that out once again and indeed it was posted by someone else at Github https://github.com/LILCMU/vl53l0x-ccs
I made the mistake to think that it was done by Pololu but it is exactly as you describe they ported your library and attempted to translate it to the CCS compiler so it could be used with a PIC micro