Vision cmucam3 and 3pi=amazing

Hi guys,
today i was playing with my cmucam3 and my 3pi was on the side.
I thought: why not …
Well the cmucam3 has a UART TTL port :smiley: that can be connected directly to the PD0 of the of the pololu3pi
cmucam3 consumes 150 mA of current so is not too bad.
The nice thing is that you can write any visual processing algorithm on that and then control the motors of the pololu in the master serial configuration.
Here the first screenshots:

Hi epokh,

Neat! Is the camera-3pi setup self-contained? I can not tell where that ribbon cable is going.


Yes is self contained.
The ribbon cable is the RS232 to connect to the PC.
Basically there’s a jumper: if you remove it you have TTL levels, if you keep it you have the level shifter for the PC communication.
I was using the cable to see if the camera is fine with the pololu batteries:
the datasheet suggest 6 V so I can’t use rechargeable ones.

I’m reading the datasheet to check the regulator inside.