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Video noise for 1gr camera

I get tiny horizontal lines in the wireless broadcast. My camera uses .75mA and voltage range is 4.4v-12v. I don’t have access to an oscilloscope. My power source is a 1s 3.7c lipo battery. I am just getting into FPV.

I tried a wire wrap around a torrid core with the pos and neg wires close to the camera and nothing changed. I saw that soldering a small capaciter between Vin and Gnd helps with voltage spikes. My battery is a 1s 180mah lipo so I am not having a very high voltage current problem.


Could you tell us more about your setup? Are you using a step-up regulator to boost your battery voltage for your camera?

- Jeremy

Yes, I am using the #2119 buckup regulator. It produces little lines that travel on the horizontal plane. I needed the extra voltage to get past the bottom threshold of 4.4 volts otherwise my video signal is useless. I have noticed that they now make 1gr cameras that can work in the 3.7v 1s lipo range. I noticed somei nteresting things as I have two transmitters but that will come in another response.

It is possible that the switching regulator is adding noise to your video signal. You might try using a higher voltage battery and a linear regulator to step down the voltage for your camera. Switching to a camera that runs directly off a 1s LiPO might also help.

- Jeremy

Here is another switching regulator Pololu 3.3V, 600mA Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V6F3 but is not linear. Weight is a consideration for micro quadcopters. I can take a feed from a 2s lipo to feed a camera and the regulator to feed the VTX and this might be a solution. A low pass filter like a 470Uf capacitor in the power leads if necessary.

The reason I recommended using a linear regulator is that I suspect the switching regulator might be introducing noise to your system and affecting the video signal. I do not know if powering the camera directly from the batteries and using a voltage regulator for your other device will help with the picture quality.

- Jeremy

Thanks, I haven’t noticed a linear regulator on this site. I’m still thinking of putting a capacitor on to see if that helps. I don’t own an oscilloscope so it is just trial and error.

We do not carry any linear regulators. You might looking for them at other electronic websites.

- Jeremy