Vibration Altering LSM303's Accuracy


Been playing around with the LSM303DLH coupled to an Arduino Uno and using a MD01B for linear actuator motor control.

Application is a compass based autopilot system

Problem is compass noise induced by vibration. The accelerometers are affecting the heading value erroneuosly. I verified the default configuration (via LSM303 data sheet) for the accelerometers is at the lowest gain and capped at +/- 2g.

What I want to do is turn the accelerometers “off”. I want a non tilt comp compass to baseline. After that I can start playing games with Low/Band/High pass filters on the accelerometer inputs…

Before I go and butcher the lsm303.h and .cpp files I wanted to ask the Pololu Forum group if they had ever done this (turn accel input off) before and if there was a preferred method.

Hello. We have not modified our example code in the way you are describing and I do not have any particular advice. Let us know how it goes! --David