Viable material for robot legs and body

I’m looking to craft legs and a body for a walking robot with giant scale servos. What type of material and at what thickness is recommended? Can I use a thick acrylic sheet? Thanks.


I cannot make any specific recommendations without knowing more about your project, but in general, if you need to support more weight, you should choose a thicker sheet. You can get up to 1" acrylic cut using our Custom Laser Cutting Service. You can read more about our laser cutting service in the Custom Laser Cutting Guide. You might find sections 3 and 4 helpful to learn more about the materials we can cut and our capabilities and limitations. It is also a good idea to try smaller test runs to see what will work for you. If you’ve read the laser cutting guide and would like more help choosing a material, it might be easiest if you give us a call to talk about what you are trying to make.

- Grant