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Very Lost


I apologize in advance because I am a beginner probably in way over my head, but I am working with a USB 16 servo controller. I understand that information needs to be sent in Bytes and Bits, but I am just about clueless about the best way to send these to my servo controller. Right now I am using a program called “cool term” where supposedly all that needs to be typed in is the bytes and the servo will move, which isn’t working for me. I know how to use Xcode, but again I don’t understand a lot of the terms used when people talk about programming, so if I could get a response that’s worded somewhat “simply” it could be of great help for me. Thanks for your patience!

USB 16 Servo Controller Linux
Arduino + Pololu Micro Serial 8 Servo Controller

Hello msg5393,

A good good starting program for sending commands to your servo controller is the Pololu serial transmitter utility. When you connect your servo controller to your computer and install the necessary drivers, your servo controller should be available on a COM port. Once you open the serial transmitter utility, select and open the COM port that the servo controller is connected to. After that, you should be able to send commands as defined in the 16 servo controller user’s guide.

Does this answer your questions?

- Ryan


Thanks, but unfortunately I am on a Mac and that program doesn’t install on Macs I believe. I am using a program called CoolTerms, which allows me to send commands to the board. I am definitely seeing communications with the board. Do you think you could send me a sample of the five or six bytes I would need to send the board in “Pololu Mode,” or the three bytes for “Mini SSCII Mode”?



Have you looked at the user’s guide? It gives an example of what to send in MiniSSCII mode: “For example, sending the command sequence [255,18,254] will move servo 2 all the way to one extreme of its range in 180-degree mode.” I wouldn’t recommend starting out with this example though, because it is not a good idea to command your servos to go to the extremes of their ranges. How about you try sending 0xFF 0x00 0xBE while in MiniSSCII mode? Do you know how to send hex bytes via CoolTerm? Judging by the screenshot of this page, it is possible. I don’t have a Mac to test it on though. If you have access to a PC computer somewhere, you can use the Pololu Serial Transmitter on it.

- Ryan


Thanks a lot, I figured that I wasn’t using the “send string” tool correctly, but I have my servo moving fine now. I was wondering if anyone has a basic code I can use to move the servos directly using Xcode. Preferably I would like to use C++ because I have worked in that language before, but any code I could throw into Xcode that would allow me to manipulate a servo would be very much appreciated. Thanks again for all the help.