Very helpful low profile header sockets at mouser!

In case anyone is interested, these single inline header sockets are perfect for situations where you’d like to mount a wizel on a PC board, but NOT permanently! … 0-01-12-RA

These headers have 12 positions, are RHoS compliant, and 2 of them will service a wixel with its header pins soldered in. They are very low profile, standing just 1/8" tall. If you want to be really economical, they are also available in 8, 4, and 3 position versions. So you could use a 8 + 4 on one side and an 8 + 3 on the other, to exactly match the wixel. But it is just as easy to leave an extra position unused on one side, or cut it off if it bothers you.

granted, you might accomplish something similar with a low profile spring type IC socket. But using these instead will leave the center area clear, in case you need to board space to mound a few surface mount components in the gap.

Thanks for the recommendation!