Version with encoders + Gyro?


I was looking around for a differentially driven robot base, but none of them seems to ship with wheel/motor encoders installed.
What would it take to produce a more expensive 3PI configuration which has encoders built into the base ? I have hacked together encoders on various projects before, and its a nuisance.
Why does nobody offer encoders preinstalled or parts of a kit ? For any kind of precise navigation algorithm, you want wheel encoders, and optionally a single axis gyro+ accelerometer ( to implement a simple “gyrodometry” type of navigation , see )



Thank you for the suggestion. We definitely plan on making a robot like this at some point, though there are a number of projects ahead of it on the drawing board. For a more immediate solution, have you seen our new 5" robot chassis RRC04a? It is designed to work with our micro metal gearmotors, 42x19mm wheels, and encoders.

- Ben