I was wondering if Pololu provides a vectoring service for a charge or knows of any outside companies that provide this service? thanks!


Yes, depending on the details of your needs, we do provide the service of creating vector-format files ready for laser cutting. The cost will depend on how picky you are about the accuracy of our re-drawing, the quality of the original file you provide (a bad scan of a part vs. a nice, fully-dimensioned sketch), whether you care if it is a CorelDraw file or a CAD file, etc.

Here’s an example of something we made the vector file for (a CorelDraw file) based on a napkin sketch:

To get a quote, please email us your current file (if you have one) to “laser at pololu dot com” and describe what you have in mind. Be sure to give us details you care about (for example, if you have a scan of a jewelry piece, and it is important that two hole centers are exactly 1.25" apart, please let us know; if you just want it to “look about right”, that’s good for us to know, too). If it is easier, you can also give us a call at 702-262-6648 and ask for the laser cutting department to discuss your needs.

I hope this helps!

- Candice