Varying speed settings from frame to frame

I’m just starting experiments with a maestro 24 for controlling several servos in a new animatronic puppet.

I’m just wondering what the easiest way of having one servo move quickly to make a move in one direction and at a later stage or different frame in a sequence of moves, return back to the start position more slowly.

Whilst setting the speeds on different servos seems an integral part of the basic controller software it looks as if varying speed settings of one particular servo from one frame to the next isn’t part of the basic software but could be possible with specifically scripted code.

Am I missing something obvious or do I need to learn a few basics to write my own code?




The Maestro Control Center’s sequencer feature does not save the speed and acceleration for each frame individually. However, you can change the speed and acceleration settings in between servo movements in a Maestro script. A simple way to get started with a script would be to copy your sequence to a script and then add commands to set the speed and acceleration to it. You can get an idea of how to do that in this thread about the same subject.

- Amanda