Using Wixel with 3Pi Robot?

Does anyone know how to connect Wixel with the 3Pi?
This is how I think it should be connected:
GRD – Ground
P0_0 – PD1
P0_1 – PD0
P0_0 – PD0
P0_1 – PD1
If this is wrong, please tell me how to connect it correctly.

The question still stands… The Code?Sorry for being so straightforward; anyone knows any code snippets that you can read the 3pi ports with? What about the Wixel code?

Thanks for your help,

Hello, Boris,

Do you want to connect a Wixel to a 3pi so that they can communicate serially? If so, then the Wixel’s TX pin (which is P1_6 in the Wireless Serial App) should be connected to the 3pi’s RX (PD0), and the Wixel’s RX (P1_7) should be connected to the 3pi’s TX (PD1). Note that you cannot connect the Wixel’s RX to the 3pi’s TX directly, as the Wixel is a 3.3 V device, so you need a voltage divider or some other level shifter to ensure that the Wixel is not damaged by the 5 V from the 3pi’s TX line.

Instead of making all of the connections yourself, you could consider using an m3pi expansion kit. Although it is designed to work with an mbed development board, it also has a socket for a Wixel, and you can use the expansion kit to connect a Wixel to a 3pi without an mbed. The user’s guide for the m3pi has more details, particularly in section 3.b (which also briefly discusses the programming required).

- Kevin