Using Windows CE to control servos

I am interested in starting a robotics project using servos. I’m interested in the Pololu 8 servo serial controller and I prefer to control the servos through a C# program using a usb to rs232 cable. I don’t have much experience with PICs or assembly and would prefer to just use C#. Since the robot is small, I can’t really attach my pc to the robot. Is it possible to use a mobile device that runs Windows CE to run the C# program?


It sounds like it should be possible, but we cannot help much since we don’t have experience with Windows CE. I have heard of others using pocket PC-type devices having trouble getting all possible 8-bit values sent to the serial port (e.g. some devices or drivers might only allow for ASCII characters to get sent), so that could be an issue.

- Jan

Thanks. If I figure this out I’ll post here.