Using the Wixel to talk to non-wixel devices


I am working on a project interfacing to another device that is using a TI CC2510/CC2511 Wireless chip. I have the correct settings for the radio registers (confirmed with CC2511 dongle and SmartRF Packet Sniffer). Is there a general app written that would allow me to enter the register settings and interact with that device?


What kind of app are you looking for? Would it run on the Wixel or run on a computer, and what would it do with the register settings that you enter? You might look at the Wixel’s radio_sniffer app, which can be found in the Wixel SDK.


So there are several registers that need to be updated (Sync Word, Modulation, data rate, etc). The sniffing app seems to be looking for more structure in the packets. I need something more raw.

For an app that demonstrates a more direct, raw way to receive packets from the radio, you might look at the test_radio_signal_rx app. This app uses the same radio register settings as the other apps, but it interacts with the radio in a simpler way so you are more likely to be able to change the radio settings without causing subtle timing issues.