Using the CP2104 Carrier Module to homebrew an Arduino Uno

I have a few projects where I want to build a bare bones Arduino into the circuit.

I am having difficulty successfully interacing the CP2104 carrier module with a Atmel 328 Arduino chip having bootloader. The module shows up OK as a virtual port on my Windows
8.1 PC. When I upload a sketch through a USB cable I get the infamous avrdude stk500 sync error. Module to chip connections are Vbus->+5, GND->GND, TX->RX, RX->TX and DTR->Reset via a .1uf cap. The module is powering the chip. I’ve been able to program the chip via ICSP so I know that the chip works. The 328 reset pin is also pulled high and has a push button to ground for reset.

The CP2104 module tested OK by itself on a loopback test but not when hooked up to the 328

Anybody been down this path? Any suggestions?


I am sorry you are having problems programing your AVR. Could you tell us more about your setup? What components do you have connected to the AVR? Could you post pictures of your setup?

If you have not yet, you might also consider posting about this on the Arduino Forum or on AVR Freaks. Both forums are very active and have knowledgeable people on this topic.

- Jeremy