Using tank treads

Is anybody using the pololu tank treads in a design?

I am pairing mine with the Tamiya twin-motor. I am using corrugated plastic for the base and I also glued pieces of it onto the tank treads for better traction, since the treads are smooth.

Why would smooth treads be better on carpet? I would think on thin carpet it would slip more.

I am using this gearbox for a project but I am using the Tamiya Tracked Vehicle Kit which comes with its own tracks and sprockets as well as its own motor. Wow.

The twin-motor gearbox is better than that motor though so I bought it as well from pololu.

I also bought pololu’s tracks in case I somehow decide to switch them. But all I could find for sprockets on the net was metal ones.

I am too but I wanted to use the tracks but they were too much for ones without sprockets. That kit sounds like a good idea though, except the base is wood?

Yeah it’s wood and it’s pre-drilled for the little motor so I’ll have to drill it.