Using Sharp IR sensor to control relay

I am trying to use the Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F to trip a 5v relay. I have the sensor mounted on a breadboard for now and am using a wall wart to power it. My input voltage is 5.56v and output is the same when the sensor is not active. When the sensor is active (the red indicator led does light), I am getting an output of 1.06v which is not low enough to allow the relay to release.
If I am reading the specs for the sensor correctly, shouldn’t the low voltage be lower?
Is this not a good use for this sensor or is there another that would do the job better?

Thanks, Phil

Hello, Phil.

That carrier board has an indicator LED connected to the output, and the load of that LED prevents the output from going all the way to 0 V when the sensor is detecting something. What relay module are you using and how do you have it connected? If you need the low voltage to be lower, you can cut the trace between the output pin and the LED on the component side of the board.