Using S10V3F9 to power guitar pedals

This is not robotics so it might not be appropriate for this forum. (I won’t mind if a moderator deletes this post.) But I wired up a Pololu voltage regulator for powering 9 volt guitar pedals from an 11volt 1500 mAh battery for drones, and it works great. It adds less noise than plugging the pedals into the wall with a wall wart and it more economical than using 9 volt batteries. The S10V3F9 stays cool. Thank you Pololu for your support!



That’s really neat! I am glad to hear that our regulator works well in your application. Thank you for sharing. We always love seeing how customers user our products, even when it is not specifically robotics!


Thanks for sharing. Certainly it will help many customers who are into music and sound engineering.

Wow!!! Thanks a lot for this review. At least I know it’s a great option to use now.