Using QTR-8RC sensor for black and white line following

I am also having this problem…how to code the line follower using qtr 8c so that is follows black on white and white on black lines in the same track simultaneously?


I moved your post to its own thread under our “Sensors” subforum since it is about a different issue and more appropriate.

Someone else on our forum asked a similar question; you can see our response to it here.

- Amanda

Yes i saw it,but unfortunately my line follower doesnt switch codes when it switches line…how do i solve it so that it changes parameters when line colour changes?

There are a few ways you can go about determining if you are on a black or white line. One way would be to use one or two sensors on your QTR-8RC array or strategically place additional sensors on your robot to constantly check for the color change in the background.

- Amanda