Using PWM to control DC motor output torque

Hey, I am using Roboclaw as my dc motor driver and changing the duty cycle of input PWM can control speed. Now I have some robotic applications which requires certain value of torque from the dc motor. As for the dc motor, the output torque is proportional to the armature current and RoboClaw can directly read armature current, I plan to use the current value as feedback to control the torque. However, it seems that the duty cycle of PWM directly controls speed, not torque. So can I just use PID to complete this control requirement?


You might be able to do some kind of PID control with the current reading as you mentioned. It looks like you asked very similar questions in a thread you started that’s titled “RoboClaw for Torque Controll Application”. Is this regarding the same project?


Yes. I am trying to generate desired torque with DC motor.