Using Pololu IR Beacon with Arduino

The plan is to build an IR beacon following robot. I have the Pololu IR beacon pair, the Adruino Uno board, the Sabertooth motor controller and 2 DC motors on frame. Please suggest the way to wire the IR beacon to the Adruino board and how to use RobotC to program the robot to follow the other IR beacon.


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You should be able to connect the outputs of the IR beacon to the digital IO pins on your Arduino to read them. You might find the Pololu IR Beacon Quick-Start Sheet helpful for understanding how the directional outputs work.

We are not familiar with RobotC and do not know how well it would work for programming your Arduino.

- Jeremy

Thank you for the response. Is there a diagram to see how to hook the beacon to the Arduino? Where the 4 output pins should be connected on the Adruino? Is there any program Pololu use for making the robot with one beacon follow the other bacon. The website lists the cat and mouse robot application, do you have detailed description of that project?

We do not have any wiring diagrams or examples for connecting the IR beacon to an Arduino; however, like I mentioned in my previous post, you should be able to use any of the Arduino’s digital IO pins to read the sensor. You will probably want to connect the four outputs to four different digital IO pins and use the digitalRead() function to read whether each output is high or low.

If you run into any issues, you could post your code, pictures of your setup, and a wiring diagram, and I might be able to give you some pointers.

- Jeremy

Hi dawson, have u found out the method to connect ir beacon with arduino? my final project is also doing a robot follower. can u share?