Using Pic to Control Addressable LED's

I am looking to purchase some of the Addressable LED’s that use the WS2811 driver. I would like to use these with a Pic as I have many of them lying around. I currently use PicBasic for programming and am very familiar with the Language. Unfortunately the shortest delay I can get is a 2us delay using the PicBasic commands. The only way to get shorter commands that I know of is to use assembly language, but I am not familiar with assembly code.
Has anyone used a pic with these LED’s?


I have not tried using the WS2811 addressable LEDs with a PIC, but a Google search for “WS2811 PIC” yielded a few examples of people using PICs to drive those LEDs. This tutorial uses a PIC18F45K22 and has sample code that you might find helpful.

- Jeremy