Using Orangutan LV-168 with higher voltage (9v)

Dear Pololu:

I would like to use for my project a controller with LCD that can deliver up to 1-2A to each of 2 motors running at 9V. Unfortunalely LV-168 can not take over 5.5v and Baby B-168 has no LCD and uses weaker (though still decent ) driver chip.
I wonder if there is some easy mod to LV-168 to make it drive higher voltage motors? Like feeding 9V to MOSFETs and 5V to VCC?


Unfortunately, there’s no good way to do it. A higher-voltage Orangutan is on our list of development projects, but that won’t be out until next year. You might consider the Orangutan X2, which has a lot more to it but might still be less expensive than the alternatives that are out there.

- Jan