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Using Multiple VL53L1X with Raspberry Pi


Hi… I’m trying to use multiple VL53L1X with Raspberry Pi. I was tested two VL53L1X separately it is working good and the I2C address is 0x29 for both. But when I connected the two sensors in parallel I won’t able to get the output. When I surfed the net, I found changing the address of I2C will help to get rid of the problem. But again I stuck with changing the address of VL53L1X.



It is possible to change the address of the sensors to use more than one on the same bus. To do so, you will need to assign a different address to the boards and then use the XSHUT pin to reset one of the boards. The board you reset will then have the default address again. You can read more about doing that in this thread:



I also have VL53L0X and I changed the i2c address of it with the help of this tutorial. But for VL53L1X I’m having the problem with assigning the different address.


The methodology to change the address of the sensor should be the same between the two sensors; the register that has the address is even the same. Can you post some pictures of how you have the boards connected and post the code that is not behaving as you expect?



I’ve connected two sensors in parallel.

Rpi VL53L1X - 1 VL53L1X - 2

Pin - 1 (3.3V) Vin Vin
Pin - 6 (GND) GND GND
Pin - 3 (SDA) SDA SDA
Pin - 4 (SCL) SCL SCL

And the PyPi package VL53L1X is used. The python script.distanceSensing.py (370 Bytes) is used.


It appears that code only declares a single sensor object and the address you are providing it is not the default address. These sensors are located at the default address when they are first powered. You should look through the documentation for the PyPi package to see how to change the address of the sensor. As I mentioned before, after you change the address of one of the sensors, you will need to toggle the XSHUT pin on the other sensor to reset it so that it is available at the default address.