Using MinIMU-9 v2 with the SVP-1284


I would like to use the MinIMU-9 v2 on my SVP-1284 controller but I am very confused on how to go about doing that.

I have read the description of the MinIMU-9 v2 ( and determined that SDA and SCL must go on the I2C bus. After much searching on google and the forums I have found that SDA and SCL are PC1 and PC0 on the SVP.

Basicly I want to use the Gyro to find its angle and store it in a variable. I have seen some code for the I2C that use i2cmaster.h but they were used on the X2 (

I’m not sure if it’ll work on the SVP and if so how can I read a value from the Gyro? And will using the Gyro on these pins affect anything else?


I’m not sure if you’ll be able to use the code you found on the X2 without modifying it, but if not, you should at least be able to use it as a reference for implementing your own code. You might also find it useful to refer to our Orangutan example project for communicating with an LSM303DLM, which can be found on the Resources tab of the LSM303DLM board’s page. It is written for an ATmega328P, and the device and register addresses for the LSM303DLM are different than those for the L3GD20, but those two I2C devices work similarly and you should probably be able to use the code with some relatively minor changes.

PC0 and PC1 are not used for anything else on the SVP (you can confirm this by looking at the pin assignment table).

- Kevin

In the future, when you are trying to learn about pins, you should refer to the Orangutan SVP reference diagram and the datasheet of the ATmega324PA/1284P, found under the Resources tab for the SVP: … iagram.pdf … Tmega1284P