Using Micro Maestro Servo Controller to control speed of 2 wire fan

I have a prototype I’m building that runs a bit hot. Embedded in the enclosure is a Micro Maestro Servo Controller. Currently I’m cooling the inside with a 5V fan connected to the Maestro’s 5V and GND lines. But the prototype is not louder than I would like. I’m wondering if I can control the fan speed using PWM on the signal line. Is this possible with a Micro Maestro? If so, how do I do this using the Arduino library?



The Micro Maestro cannot output PWM signals. If you upgrade to one of the Mini Maestro servo controllers, you could use the PWM-capable channel with a MOSFET to control the speed of a 2-wire fan like that.

Alternatively, you might be able to add a motor controller that can accept RC inputs directly and use it with a servo channel on the Micro Maestro; however, we do not carry any that would be more economical than just using a Mini Maestro with a MOSFET for controlling a small fan.


@BrandonM Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I don’t have room inside the enclosure for a larger controller. Looks like I’ll have to find an alternative solution.

Appreciate the response.