Using alternative wheels and motors on Pololu Robot Chassis

I am currently using the Pololu Robot Chassis RRC01A along with the chassis completion kit.
I foresee that I will want to run my robot faster and use wheel encoders for improved speed and handling.

What should I consider when choosing different components on the same chassis?

Is there any reason why I can’t change the motors to micro metal gear motors and use the Pololu 42x19mm Wheel and Encoder Set?


Your main considerations when using new components should be whether they fit on the chassis and work with the rest of your set up.

Unfortunately, the RRC01a chassis is not compatible with the wheel encoder set. The wheels do not fit and there are no mounting points for the brackets. A laser-cut chassis that is compatible with the wheel encoder set is on our list of things to do. In the meantime, you could use our custom laser-cutting service to cut your own.

I recently cut a 5" robot chassis out of 1/8" clear acrylic that used the Wheel and Encoder Set and an Orangutan SV-328. The robot was for a dead reckoning competition. I can send you the Corel Draw file I used to cut the chassis if you are interested.

- Ryan

Couldn’t I modify my chassis by cutting and drilling the necessary holes?


There’s a lot you would have to change, so it would largely defeat the purpose of starting with the RRC01A chassis. Acrylic is not that easy to work with, and you would have to change so much that the only useful feature would be the round piece of plastic.

We’ve received several inquires similar to yours, so we will accelerate our development of version of the RRC01A that will work with the micro metal gearmotors and encoder set. We should have it available for purchase within the next week or two.

- Jan


I thought you might like to know that the chassis we said we were working on is done and it is available for purchase. It is the Pololu 5" robot chassis RRC04A. It is designed around our micro metal gearmotors, 42mm wheels, and encoders, so it probably is a good fit for what you want to do.

- Ryan