Using a power multiplexer for external USB power

I’d like to use use a long-range wifi adapter with a low-powered single board computer (e.g. a Pi Zero or similar). Since the Pi Zero cannot reliably source the current needed to drive the wifi adapter, could I use the TPS2113A Power Multiplexer along with a battery to act as an external power source for the wifi? Thanks for any help


A power multiplexer like the TPS2113A is used to switch between two power sources without interrupting the power flow, but it sounds like you are just looking for a way to power to your WiFi adapter from a single battery. If you tell me more about your system, I might be able to make a recommendation. For example, how are you powering your Pi Zero? What other components are in your system that need power? It would help if you post a schematic of your system. It would also help if you can tell me how much current your WiFi adapter needs and at what voltage. (If you do not know this, you could link to a product page or datasheet for the adapter.)