Using a Logomatic v2 to log from a UM6


I would like to log the UART signals from a UM6 using a micro-controller (I need to do this rather than use the PC interface as this is limited to logging at 20Hz, according the CH Robotics), so I am considering using the Logomatic v2 Serial SD Datalogger. Can someone explain the steps I would need to take to log the signals from the UM6 and interpret them into meaningful data. I am quite new to UART comms.



Hello, Nathan.

You could set “Broadcast Enabled” on the UM6 with the CH Robotics Interface program to automatically transmit packets through its serial lines. The serial lines can be directly connected to the Logomatic v2 to store the data onto an SD card. More information on “Broadcast Enabled” can be found in the “Getting Started with the UM6 Orientation Sensor” guide, which can be found under the “Resources” tab, on its product page.

- Jeremy