Using 2 Maestros on same computer

Can I use 2 12 ch Maestros on the same computer ? maybe open a 2nd control panel and identify them by S/N


Yes, you can connect two Maestros to different ports on your computer and control them from two different instances of the Maestro Control Center by connecting to their serial numbers. Please note that you cannot connect to a Maestro if it is already in use by another program like the Maestro Control Center and will probably get an error when opening a second instance of the Maestro Control Center before connecting the second Maestro to your computer. I recommend connecting the second Maestro before opening a second instance of the Control Center to avoid getting multiple error messages. (If you do get those error messages, you can close those error windows and manually select the Maestro’s serial number to connect to it in the Control Center.)

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda thats what I thought !