Using 2 distance sensors for speed calculation

Looking to use 2 @ #4069 or #4067 lidar sensors relatively near each other in a beam break concept with an Arduino. Block first sensor to start timer, block second one to stop timer, then calculate speed. Measuring speed of a ball dropping through a channel. Will the sensors interfere with each other? How close can the sensors be to each other? Accuracy is secondary to repeatability and reliability.


There is potential for the Pololu Digital Distance Sensors to interfere with each other if they are too close, so I recommend designing your setup so that each sensor’s field of view (FOV) does not interfere with the FOV of another. The effective FOV can vary with object reflectance and ambient conditions, but for these sensors it is typically around 15°.

- Patrick

Thank you, Patrick. To confirm what I understood from your post: if I’m considering an 18" channel, then a 15º isosceles triangle centered on 1 sensor mount gives a base of ~4.75". As long as my sensors are mounted at least 5" or 6" apart, then I should be OK. That’s great - I can afford 10" to 12" of separation.

It sounds like you understood my post correctly, and your proposal sounds like it should be okay.

- Patrick