User Interface

Hey everyone, so I’d like to design an interface that will script to the maestro. I want to have a timeline available so that I can time everything out perfectly without having to add all the numbers myself and try to remember where I am in the script. Does anyone know of a program I can do this with? Basically I want to design something that I can script to write a certain script.


You might be interested in using Brookshire’s Visual Show Automation software, which provides a visual interface to choreograph animatronic sequences. We do not use VSA, but some of our customers have used it to send commands to the Maestro. You can search the forum to see examples of people using VSA with the Maestro.

- Amanda

That seems to be exactly what I need. I will definitely look into it further. I’d like a Frame to be adjustable in size via a timeline. So that it lines up with a music track. Then the time is taken from how long I make the frame on the timeline and written into the script.

Thank You