Useless Machine controlled by B-168

This project was inspired by Brett Coulthard’s publication “The most
useless machine” (Issue 23 of Make Magazine). What distinguishes this
version from the Make publication? 1.Instead of toggle switch it uses
momentary pushbutton, custom made out of two lever switches. 2. It
works not once but rather counts the number of pushes and repeats it
before turning itself off. 3. It uses micro controller Pololu Baby
Orangutan B-168 (it still completely cut itself off power when
working cycle ends). I believe that despite of differences it
demonstrates the same level of uselessness.

And here is the movie:

Looks like in my original post I used wrong links to picture and instead of direct link to movie put link to channel. Sorry for inconvenience and here is the fix:
Picture of Machine:

Circuit diagram

Source code are here

Direct link to the youtube:

From electrical and programming point of view this project is nothing but trivial. Mechanically it is simple as well but I have to tell the truth it took me some time to find the solution. Overall it should be not bad exercise for undergraduate college or advanced high school students.

Meanwhile this project took the attention of “sasckview” (creator of the most popular useless machine YouTube movie and writer of Make magazine article) and he included the review in his blog:


That is very cool! Thanks for sharing it with us. I have added link to your video to our Community Projects page: