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Use Zumo robot with ultrasonic sensor

Hi…A couple of companions and I have begun work on a sumo robot that utilizes a pololu zumo pack as a base. We are endeavoring to get a three pin ultrasonic sensor to work yet we are not completely sure on the most proficient method to alter the example code to factor in our ultrasonic sensor. Is there any model code we can download and alter, or any approach to change the pin transfers on the zumo safeguard. Any assistance would be valued.


I moved your post to a new thread to keep the discussion better organized.

The best way to add an ultrasonic sensor will depend on what type of sensor and which Zumo robot you have. Do you have a Zumo Robot for Arduino or a Zumo 32U4? What specific ultrasonic sensor are you trying to use with it, and can you post more information about what you have tried so far to get it working?

- Patrick