Use Zumo 32U4 with IR-RemoteControl

I have tested the Demo of the Remotecontrol to control the 32U4 with an IR TV-Controller. (
If I use my TV-Controls only the red LED flash on/off, but there is now outputon the LED with you the IR-Code.
How is it possiple to show the full Code of my IR Controller to adapt the RemoteConstant.h?


The RemoteControl program should display the IR codes on the Zumo 32U4’s LCD screen if your TV remote uses the NEC protocol. If you are not seeing anything on the LCD screen, then your TV remote is probably using a different protocol, which will not work with our example. It is possible to modify the RemoteControl’s code (or write an entirely new program) to work with other protocols, but we do not have any advice on how to do that.

- Amanda