Use of 3 IR Beacon units

I have been having great success with the IR Beacon Pair for my autonomous hexapod robot project. The robot (with one beacon installed on it) is programmed to follow the other beacon (Target). I wish to add to its target following capabilities by adding another beacon unit (Home), so it walks between one beacon (Home) to another beacon (Target) and back Home.
So I was hoping to inquire if the IR beacon pair are optimized to work with the included two units only? Do I just need to buy another beacon transceiver (single unit) for the “Home” and switch between the two (Target)/(Home).

Note: Just to clarify the (Target)/(Home) beacons will not be ON at the same time.

Any advising regarding my queries would be greatly appreciated.



The beacon pairs we sell are not specially matched to each other: the beacons all work the same way, so any two beacons should work together the same way. As long as you only ever have two beacons powered at any given time, things should work the way you want them two.

- Ben

Great! That is what I was hoping for. Thank you for your help Ben.