Use external AVRISP mkII programmer with SVP-1284?

Can I use an external AVRISP mkII programmer with the SVP-1284?

I’m having intermittent programming issues using the built-in programmer on the SVP-1284.

I will start a separate thread to explain the symptoms and there are a few more things I need to try (such as removing all my Sharp IR range sensor to rule out noice on the 5V supply line). Basically, it takes 4-5 attempts to get a successfull programming cycle. Usually it stops somewhere in between. I tried avrdude, AVR Studio 4 and Atmel Studio 6. My SVP-1284 is running the 1.03 bootloader firmware.

I’m hoping that I can get to and eliminate the root cause of my issue, but until then, I still want to be able to program my SVP-1284, hence this question.


Hello, Chris.

I am sorry you are having trouble with your Orangutan SVP. Yes, you can use another programmer such as the AVRISP mkII to program the Orangutan SVP. A 6-pin ISP header is provided so it should be easy to connect.


Thanks. The AVRISP mkII works w/out issue.

I think my Sharp IR rangers are the most likely cause. When I have more than 3 plugged in, the built-in programmer works only 1 out of every 5 attempts (but the mkII still works 100% regardless).

After adding a a 440uF and a 220uF cap in 2 places, it now works even with all 5 Sharp IR ranges plugged in.

I did read recommendations to add a 10uF cap as close to each Sharp sensor as possible, due to the noise they put out on the power line.