USCCmd Set Output-Channel Enabled...?

i’ve a problem with the Usccmd.exe. I’ll try to set a Output Channel “Enabled”.
In my case i’ve got a relais on Channel7. I tried this command:

UscCmd.exe --servo 7,1600 
Setting target of servo 7 to 1600...

(1500 is the switching target)

In the Maestro Center Control the relais is switching, but when i use usccmd nothing happend :(.
Is there any examplecode to set enabled status on a channel? can’t find documentation or something else.

best regards and maybe thanks for help

Hello, Joerg.

Is your target pulse width 1.6 ms? The units of the parameter sent to to usccmd are in quarter microseconds. Can you try again with 6400 instead of 1600?

- Ryan

hey ryan,

it works fine! thanks for that pointer ;).

best regards,