Has anyone configured the Wixel to transmit USB to USB (i.e. just removing the wire -and passing the data directly)? Is there a timing reason that this is impossible or is it really easy and I am just missing something? Thanks

Hello, crogers.

If you have two Wixels running the Wireless Serial App, and they are both in USB-to-Radio mode (or auto), then you can simply connect each Wixel to the USB port of a computer and wirelessly send bytes between the computers. Is that what you are asking about? It’s easy to do but we didn’t think it would be important to document it too much because it doesn’t seem very useful.


Excellent - thanks - I love answers like that. So to make sure I have it right - if I run the USB-Serial app on both Wixels, connect one to my computer and the other to a gender changer and to the USB cable of the device and connect 3.3 V to VIN, then anyone’s code that calls the USB port (with whatever drivers they use) will simply work - in all 4 USB modes? Also - since this is a USB powered device, I assume that the power to VIN will send power out the USB cable.

I will test this weekend - but that solution was far too easy for me to think of trying… sorry.

That’s not what I said. I was talking about the Wireless Serial App, not the USB-to-Serial app. I was only proposing two connections, both made with USB cables. What are you trying to do?


I am trying to make it so that 1st graders can use the LEGO WeDo without it physically attached to the computer - it is a USB tethered device that controls motors and reads sensors. My thought was the easiest would be to put a Wixel pair in-between and then connect the LEGO battery box to the second Wixel to power the motors and the WeDo.


Unfortunately, that is not possible with a Wixel and don’t know of any device that can do it. If you find one, let us know because that would be interesting for us and a lot of our customers. If the lego device had a non-USB serial interface, then maybe you could use a Wixel to talk to it wirelessly.


bummer. I will see if I can hack into the WeDo a little more - or maybe just use the Wixel as the brains for LEGO motors and sensors - as it has the capabilities I need. Thanks for the help

I dare to reply to this post instead of creating a new one.
I am very interested in usb to usb mode to connect my camera to my pc so that i can wirelessly tethershoot with Photoshop Lightroom.
Would it be possible with two Wixels running the Wireless Serial App, if they are both in USB-to-Radio mode ?
Or would it be the same as for the lego device ?


What type of communication interfaces does your camera have? It probably has a USB device port that allows you to connect it to the computer, but you cannot use that with the Wixel because the Wixel is not a USB host. I doubt that it has a USB host port and drivers for CDC ACM virtual COM ports, but if it does then you could connect a Wixel running the Wireless Serial App in USB-to-Radio mode to it. If it has a serial interface then you could connect a Wixel running the Wireless Serial App in USB-to-UART mode to it. If it has some other digital interface like LANC you might be able to program a Wixel to talk to it.


Hello David,
Many thanks for your time & stopping by this thread.
I am not sure to completely understand everything in your latest post, so let me rephrase what I understood :
Linking 2 wixels in “Wireless serial”, with USB-To-Radio mode, does not equal to an USB “wireless” cable (yeah I know it is an oxymoron).

As far as I know, my DSLR only has an usb port and no other interface.

I do not know if it can help, but here is my concrete situation :
Currently, I do connect my DSLR to my pc with an USB cable, and in “USB-MTP” mode (so when I shoot a picture on the DSLR, the computer “knows” that it has a new picture on the CF card)
The software I use (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4) has a special plugin that can automatically import the pictures as they are taken.
My main issue is that I can not move away with this USB cable, and I would greatly appreciate to find a way to tether it wirelessly.

Eventually, my question would be : aren’t 2 wixels able to pass the “raw usb signal” from one to another ?
(I know it may be a noob/silly question, but I prefer to be sure before ordering 2 wixels, or giving up because it is not possible this ways)


No, they can not. USB is an asymmetric protocol with the concept of a USB host and USB device. You can only establish communication between a host and a device. Neither the Wixel nor your camera can act as a host, so they cannot communicate over USB.


Hello David,
Once again thanks for your time and answer.
It seems that I need to find another solution :frowning:
Nevermind !