USB to Serial Adapter for Windows 7

I have an existing Pololu project and would like to use it on Windows 7. My project uses the Pololu USB-to-Serial Adpater for control interface. I have tried to install the Pololu Win9x driver but unsuccessful due to unsigned driver issue.

Thus I search for an updated driver from silabs. They have the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers which supports Windows 7 & Vista. Can we use this driver for the Pololu USB-to-Serial Adapter?

What are the alternative solution if this driver is not supported :question:

Add-on: I have stocked some CP2102 chip from silabs lastime, is it possible for me to desolder the chip on Pololu board with the identical chip from silab. Will this helps to solve the problem :question:


You shouldn’t have to replace the CP2102 chip (and whether you can do it or not is up to your skills and equpment). If you install the adapter on a computer with XP or Vista, you can use the configuration utility provided by Silicon Labs to set the parameters back to the defaults or whatever else you want; you should then be able to play with the adapter as if you had a new CP2102 on the board.

- Jan

Do you mean that I can download the “Silabs VCP Driver Kit for Windows 7” and install it into Windows 7? I have tried doing this after the installation, but once I plug in the Pololu USB-to-Serial adapter, window prompt that it cannot load the driver for it. There is an exclamation mark beside the device name in device manager.

Thus, I can’t find any configuration utilty by Silabs to reset the parameters.

No, I mean you have to change the settings on the CP2102 using XP or Vista. Once you reset the parameters on the device, your board will be the same as if you put a new CP2102 on it, and you should be able to proceed with any instructions and drivers you have from silabs.

- Jan

I manage to install the Pololu USB-to-Serial Adpater back on a XP system. I can see there is a working virtual com port in Device Manager. May I know the steps to change the settings on the CP2102? Do I need to install any software to do this?

Look for application note AN144 and corresponding software AN144SW on the resources section of the CP210x page:

- Jan