USB Servo Controller start command like an App


i have little experience in programming.
My english is not very good but i hope you can help me.(This Text is wrote by my self, so it allows conclutions of my english-skills)

I have tested my Servos with the Pololu Controll Center. They worked very good.

I have Windows 8.1 on my Tablet PC and I want to send a command to my servo controller at the push of a button on my touchscreen.
This command should get my servos in the position that I have set.
When i push an other button they should get in an other positon.

Now my questions:

witch speech ist the most simple for me?
How can i create a shortcut-button (like a touch-button for an App) to start the turn of my Servos?
Can i create a *.bat and doubletab it to open and turn my Servos?
I have found some files here on with sourcecode but how can i use that?

For any Help (maybe in German) i would be grateful!!!

See you BIT


I do not understand your question “witch speech ist the most simple for me”. Could you please clarify?

You can create a batch script or shortcut on your tablet that invokes the UscCmd (a command-line utility that comes with the Maestro Software) to control your servos. A similar question was asked in this thread. You might find the answer helpful.

As for your last question about using files containing source code on our website, I am not sure what files you are talking about. Can you post links to those files?

- Amanda


It works like I want it.

I push on a Button (a Link) that open a Batch Skript and it runs in Position 1. I push on an other Link and the Servos go to position 2.

Is there a List of Commands that I can include in the Batch for a break, speed of turn, on/off the Servo to save Energie?

You can get a list of commands and their parameters by running “usccmd” at the Command Prompt. To set the speed of your servo, run “UscCmd --speed NUM,SPEED”. There is no command for turning on and off power to servos, and that is not something that the Maestro can do without adding external components. However, some servos will stop holding their position (and use less power) when they stop receiving servo pulses. You could tell the Maestro to stop sending pulses to a servo by setting its target to 0 (run “UscCmd --servo 1,0”).

- Amanda

Thank you!

It work well now!