USB serial communication issue


I just got the usb serial, and connected tx and rx and ground to my serial target.
It seems to be able to perform short serial port transfer ok, but when I try to send longer continuous data, it has problem.
I see SiLabs has a baud rate configuration utility for CP2102, but it does not recognize the Pololu device. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


After looking on the SiLab’s forum, it seems the latest VCP driver, 6.1, fixes the issue.
However, I cannot get the driver to load in place of the Pololu’s driver. Is it possible to update the Pololu driver to 6.1?



If you have a problem that SiLabs has addressed, you can use their configuration tool to set the defaults on the chip back to the way SiLabs ships it, and then you can try whatever new driver options they have. You can see more info at the end of this thread:

- Jan