USB Programmer - Firmware update goes wrong

Hi everyone,
I decided to update my USB programmer’s firmware and followed the instructions in the user guide.
I used the suggested terminal (, typed fwbootload. got the echo in upper case, typed “s”, got upper case S back.
Then I opened the firmware file in notepad and copied the whole thing, but when I pasted it in the terminal and hit “send” I noticed that it gave me only the first line back, which means it pasted only one line. Itried to type s again (I thought that would erase the content again), but only got the same character back.
In the terminal, there’s an option to send a file, which I did: I browsed the firmware file and the terminal started sending its content (I could see “…” coming back. When it finsihed I got the pipe character back, but as it was mentioned somewhere in this forum, no “SUCCESS” text.
The red LED went on, but I could also see yellow LED on. I disconnected the cable to the programmer, but after I connected it back it went dead - it’s not recognised by the computer anymore, and no lights are flashing on the programmer.
I probably send the first line of the firmware twice and that caused the drama.
Now, is there any rescue from this situation? Is there any way to connect to the programmer and re-flash the firmware?

Any help would me much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Sending the first line twice can certainly cause the Pololu USB AVR Programmer’s firmware upgrade to fail. But even if it fails, there is a way to get your programmer back in to bootloader mode so you can try again. Please follow these instructions I previously posted on the forum to rescue your programmer.

There is no “SUCCESS” text in the programmer’s firmware upgrade procedure. The pipe symbol means that the firmware upgrade is done.

–David Grayson

Thanks! That’s the instructions I was looking for! I found some other post mentioning bootloader pins to be shortened, but I didn’t know which ones were they!
Thanks for that - it worked!!!