Pololu usb avr programmer firmware upgrade

I tried to upgrade the firmware on the above using the copy and paste method suggested in section 8 of the manual but unfortunately the terminal program I was using would only accept one line of code at a time(didnt realise this until it was too late) and the programmer locked up. I disconnected the programmer and when I reconnected it all comms with the PC was lost. Windows no longer sees it.
Is there any way I can re-enter bootloader mode ?

Gerry :blush:

If something goes wrong while you are upgrading your Pololu USB AVR Programmer’s firmware, you can always get the device back in to bootloader mode by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the programmer from USB and remove any other connections that might be powering it (such as the connection to your robot).
  2. Using a screw driver or a small wire, short together the two little bumps of metal shown in the picture below. These bumps are called the bootloader pads. Be careful not to short anything else.
  3. While the bootloader pads are shorted, connect the programmer to USB.
  4. You should see the green light double-blinking, which means you have succeeded in getting in to bootloader mode, and you can stop shorting the bootloader pads. If you do not see the green light double-blinking, then try again.


Thank You, this sorted out the problem.

Gerry :smiley: