USB Programmer - config utility for linux?

I’ve found the configuration utility to be very helpful when working with the Pololu programmer, but for me working with Windows is kind of a pain. The user guide seems to indicate that porting it to linux/unix is a possibility, and I wanted to see what would be involved - what kind of workload I’d be looking at to do something like that.

Would it be possible to take a look at the code for the configuration utility, to get an idea how big a project that would be? I’ve been a software developer in various kinds of unix for a little over 20 years, so I think I’d have a shot at it technically, but I’d like to get a better idea about it.




I have already written a command-line utility for the Pololu USB AVR Programmer called PgmCmd that will run in both Windows and Linux and has all the features of the programmer’s configuration utility (except a GUI). You can download it as part of the Pololu USB SDK. That package contains instructions for how to compile and run PgmCmd in Linux using Mono, so it should be pretty straight-forward to get something working for you, especially if you have Ubuntu Linux.

The entire source code of PgmCmd is in the SDK, so if you really want a GUI for Linux you could make one.