USB for P_Star

I am creating a touch screen controller, with the P_Star. I have little experience designing USB devices. I’m using the mouse demo. Does anyone know of a good tutorial? I’m using a usb analyzer to look at the descriptor for a touch screen, I have. I trying to be able to send a touch to the computer. But I can’t get this to work.

usb_config.h (4.2 KB)
main.c (8.9 KB)
usb_descriptors.c (30.8 KB)


I do not know of any tutorials or example code for implementing a USB touch screen controller on the P-Star or a PIC18 microcontroller. We do have some P-Star example code that shows how to implement a USB virtual serial port using the P-Star’s USB interface.

If you are having trouble sending a touch event to the computer, then I would recommend that you use your USB analyzer to look at all the USB traffic between the computer and the working touch screen controller, and then compare that to traffic between the computer and P-Star. If you find a difference, it might point to a bug in the firmware that you would need to fix.

The advice above assumes that you were already able to compile your firmware, load it onto the P-Star, have the computer recognize the P-Star as a touch screen controller, and load the proper drivers. You should get those things working before you attempt to send touch events to the computer. Also, I am not very familiar with touch screen controllers so there might be other important steps I am missing.